The New York Book Show—presented by the New York Book Forum—is an annual showcase established in 1985 and celebrating excellence in book design, production, and manufacturing. We endeavor to catalog outstanding examples of print books published in the previous year as judged by a panel of industry professionals. 


We continue to reimagine proceedings for the 34th New York Book Show in 2021.


Every part of the New York Book Show is the result of a massive volunteer effort. Our committee and its network of subcommittees—comprised of professionals throughout the book publishing industry—steward judges and donors, solicit book submissions and specs, plan for our fall showcase, and coordinate design and production of our annual catalog, among others.


In the spring (usually the beginning of March), we call for submissions; this first step involves an online form.


Only books published in the previous year will be considered—that’s because we want to see completed, physical copies of your books! Books submitted should represent excellence in book design, production, and manufacturing. Such submissions may be made by individuals or on behalf of publishers, designers, printers, vendors, suppliers . . . we encourage all facets of the publishing and printing industry to participate.


The second step: toward the end of the submissions window (usually the beginning of April) we ask that you send us one (1) physical copy of each book, or two (2) physical copies of each cover/jacket submission. Books will not be returned—nor cover/jackets—but instead will be donated upon completion of judging.


Over time the judging process has been formalized. The number of judges for each category is traditionally five, with each judge coming from a different area of the publishing industry. Categories and subcategories are occasionally added or subtracted to reflect changes in the industry and to ensure a fairer judging of the books. We reserve the right to combine categories depending on the number of submissions.


Winners are notified in an email and additional information about these winning titles is requested. The additional information collected (specs, companies involved, cast of collaborators) is used to create our annual print catalog. At this time, winners are not informed of their placement within a given subcategory.


The showcase in October—the part referred to as The New York Book Show—is the culmination of our year’s work, and the event at which winner placement is finally revealed. Each attendee receives a copy of the print catalog. You can see a digital version of a few of our previous years’ catalogs, here.