The 33rd Annual New York Book Show, presented by the Book Industry Guild of New York, celebrates excellence in book production and design.

How To Enter

Entries must have been published between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Titles entered in previous years may not be entered again. Submissions will be accepted via the online submission form beginning March 4 and ending April 8, 2019.

The following steps must be completed for a book or cover to be considered for the competition:

1.  Submission of Specification

Choose the type of entry that you would like to submit (book, cover/jacket, series, or self-published cover) and complete the corresponding online form. You may enter as many pieces as you want.

2.  Submission of Payment

Please submit all credit card payments via PayPal through the website. If paying by check, submit your check (made out to Book Industry Guild of New York) with a complete list of all titles you are entering at the time you submit the physical component. Entry fees are as follows:

 3.  Submission of Book and Covers

All physical entries (books and covers) must be received between April 4 – April 9 and should be mailed to the following address:

Phoenix Color • 350 7th Ave., Ste 1600 • New York, NY 10001 • Attn: Michael Wettstein

  • Please submit ONE copy of each book entry and/or TWO copies of each cover/jacket entry
  • Please include a copy of your payment confirmation with the physical component of your entry or entries.
  • If paying by check, please be sure to enclose with submission of physical entries. Checks should be made out to: BOOK INDUSTRY GUILD OF NEW YORK

Self-published covers should be submitted as a PDF file and can be uploaded to our Google Drive folder via the submission form at time of entry.​

All books must be available in a print edition; no ebook-only submissions.​

Please note:

  • Books/covers will not be returned.
  • Winners in each category will be notified the week after judging and asked to submit electronic files of the winning covers/jackets and/or book interiors. The image you submit will appear in the show catalog, so please be sure it is a good representation of your work and of sufficient resolution. Only winners will be asked to submit artwork. Detailed book specifications will also be requested at that time, which will also appear in the book show catalog.
  • The New York Book Show reserves the right to combine categories depending on the number of entries.

4. Judging

Judging will take place April 12th, 2019 at Oxford University Press, 198 Madison Ave (@ 35th Street), New York, NY 10016.

Judging Applications will close on March 22nd.