Books must have been published between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Titles entered in previous years may not be entered again.


A book of 32 or more pages may be bound in either hard or soft cover. Publications with fewer than 32 pages must be hardcover and thus distinguishable from a booklet.


A cover or jacket submission will enter the show judged solely on the merits of its own cover or jacket without regard for the text block, case materials, or binding. Exception will be made for pre-printed cases which may be submitted as covers and whose case materials are not easily divorced; however pre-printed cases will only be judged against other pre-printed cases as covers.


The judges will examine and evaluate entries with respect to the following classifications:


Is the style and size appropriate to the intended market? Is the arrangement of type and graphics effective and functional? Are the graphic elements creatively planned, purposeful, and well-executed? Is the use of color effective and appropriate? Have the inserts, cover, jacket, endpapers, and other components been designed to complement and enrich the book as a whole? Does the design help the reader understand the author’s intent?


Do composition and page makeup of the interior demonstrate high standards and well-recognized practices of the bookmaking craft? Do illustrations and photographic images have good tonal range between shadows and highlights? Is detail held in highlight and shadow areas? Does the interior show an attention to detail that unites all typographic, ornamental, illustrative, or photographic elements together in a coherent and thoughtful manner?


Is the printing well executed with respect to inking, register, and image clarity? Has suitable paper been used? Are margins consistent and page backup accurate? Is the printing of component elements, such as cover, jacket, inserts, and endpapers, consistent with the quality of the text printing? Is the book bound according to the best practices of bindery craftsmanship?